Vision, Mission, Alliances

Technology Experts with more than 50 years of combined expertise in organic synthesis, sol-gel process and coating/thin film development.

We specialize in design and synthesis of sol-gel formulations derived from silicon precursors and organic components.

We envision the hybrid glass coatings in service as protective materials for flexible devices.

Our mission is to deliver innovative, high performance coating materials into a multiple applications of emerging markets.

Our alliance strategy is to develop of complete solution packages that offer maximum value to end-users. We welcome long-term partnerships built on mutual respect.

Hybrid Glass Poland LLC has been founded as a result of financing provided by the Wroclaw Research Centre as a part of Operational Programme “Innovative Economy” 3.1 (POIG 3.1). The Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ is a minority shareholder of Hybrid Glass Poland LLC.