There is a critical need for novel, innovative approaches in the development and processing of materials which can accelerate the advancement of photonic, electronic, optoelectronic and other devices. Among a variety of high performance materials, those which constitute the sol-gel derived organic-inorganic hybrids, are in our focus.

Our hybrid glass formulations are formed during the sol-gel process from silicon alkoxides and various organic components.

Such formulations upon curing yield transparent, thermally stable and chemically resistant glass-like films adhering well to glass, plastic or metallic surfaces.

Our goal is to produce a family of materials with advanced properties, which can address specific requirements of the flexible photonic and electronic devices.

Octa Ammonium Silsesquioxane







Octa Chloro Silsesquioxane







Octa Bromo Silsesquioxane







Octa Iodo Silsesquioxane







Hepta Isobutyl Trisilanol Silsesquioxane